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Many of us have headache, nausea, cough & cold etc. specially to the kids who stay inside your home and we are not able to understand the root cause of this. According to recent study 90% of people inhale polluted air inside their home specially mother & kids who spent most of their time inside the home which gives birth to above mentioned problems. Now, you must be thinking from where does this Indoor Air Pollution come from inside your home when the doors are closed. Indoor Air Pollution doesn’t need any external source to generate. Yes, you heard it right. Indoor Air Pollution is caused by chemical fumes released by paints that causes your eyes to burn, carpets on the floor of your house that enhances the beauty of your home decoration but simultaneously releases formaldehydes, cigratte smoking inside your washroom, smoke fumes from your kitchen, pet danders from your loving pets and many more they all are equally responsible for the rise of Indoor Air pollution.

According to an article published in The Hindu “Air pollution is the third-highest cause of death among all health risks in India. “Smoking indoors leaves a lot of harmful pollutants hanging in the air. Good ventilation is a must,” says Dr GC Khilnani, former head of pulmonology department, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi.


Some common sources of indoor air pollution are products that we use quite casually, being unaware of the harm that they are causing. These include floor cleaners, pet dander, air-fresheners, home printer inks, chemical based cleaners, wardrobe dry cleaning chemicals, stove burners, paints, mold, humidity and mosquito repellants.

Air purifiers, marketed as being able to kill bacteria and mold, are actually sources of indoor air pollution too. They release great amounts of ozone into the air. Ozone happens to be the main component in smog. It can cause coughing, asthma attacks and damage lung tissue, leading to lasting, life-shortening damage.

The paint we use to decorate our walls also damages our lungs and even our brains. Lead paint in particular is extremely dangerous, a component of older homes that can damage your children’s health while they play, getting it onto their hands and mouths. Lead causes brain damage that is permanent, so something has to be done about old lead paint.